DebateUS! to Host Free Generative AI Course

DebateUS! is hosting a *free* 90 minute class on generative AI and education/debate for Debate Coaches on Wednesday, August 30th at 7:30pm ET. The class will run for 90 minutes. Any other teachers or school administrators are welcome to register.

The class will be taught by Stefan Bauschard, co-editor of Chat(GPT) for Educators. He has spent the last two months working with school administrators, teachers, and middle school students to develop their understanding of these technologies.

A link to the session will be sent on August 29th and a link to the recording will be sent to those who register on September 1st.

(1) The absolute basics of how text-based generative AI works
(2) Where the technology is “likely” headed and emerging educational applications
(3) What #1 means for “hallucinations” and AI writing detectors
(4) The very basics of a “Prompt Engineering” Framework
(5) Suggestions for how you can use generative AI to support your coaching/teaching
(6) Suggestions for how debaters can and are using it to prepare for debates
(7) Where else can you use this technology besides ChatGPT?
(8) Q&A

To participate, register for the class here.