Defining “West Asia,” “North Africa,” and Where the US has troops (The United States ought to substantially reduce its military presence in the West Asia-North Africa region.)

Countries in North Africa

CHatGPT4, June 30, 2023,

North Africa typically includes the following countries:

Algeria – It doesn’t appear there are any US troops in Algeri

Egypt – No bases, receives US military aid

Libya —  No bases/physical presence

Mauritania – Not clear, counterterrorism cooperation

Morocco – No bases/troops

Sudan – No bases/troops

Tunisia – Training

Western Sahara (disputed territory)

It’s important to note that sometimes the definitions can change slightly based on the context. For instance, some sources might include the countries of the Sahel region (like Chad, Mali, Niger, etc.) as part of North Africa, though these are typically considered part of Sub-Saharan Africa. Also, Egypt is sometimes categorized as part of the Middle East, but geographically, it is in North Africa.

West Asia

Asia Society, no date,

West Asia. “West Asia” includes the following countries;  West Asia Includes (Asia Society) –  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Countries in West Asia

CHatGPT4, June 30, 2023,

West Asia, often referred to as the Middle East, encompasses a variety of countries. Here are the countries commonly considered to be in West Asia:

Afghanistan — None

Armenia – Not clear; they have participated in US military exercises.

Azerbaijan – Potentially, military aid is provided.

Bahrain – 9,000. Naval Support Activity Bahrain

Cyprus  — 1 now; 129 Airman by the end of 2023

Georgia – depends on how you define it, we have “exercise”

Iran – The US has no official military presence in Iran, though we might have special operations forces

Iraq – Small presence; unknown number of troops

Israel – Yes, air force base

Jordan – 200 troops

Kuwait – 13, 500 troops

Lebanon – 98 troops

Oman – Weapons and training

Palestine —  No US military presence

Qatar – 10,000

Saudi Arabia – 3,000 troops

Syria — 900 troops

Turkey – Unknown number of troops. Incirlik Air Force Base  Izmir AS

United Arab Emirates – 2,000 troops

Yemen – No US miliary presence

Please note that some definitions and interpretations may also include territories and states with limited recognition, such as the Republic of Artsakh and Northern Cyprus. Also, the categorization of some transcontinental countries like Turkey, Russia, and Egypt can vary; they can be categorized in Europe, Asia, or Africa, depending on the context. The list provided includes those regions of such countries that are typically associated with West Asia.