Resolved: The United States should promote the development of market rate housing in urban neighborhoods. (Bibliography)

What is market rate housing?. This article offers a simple explanation of market rate housing.
Producing affordable housing in rising markets (2017) JSTOR
Housing Prices in urban areas (2016) SAGE
Quest for market rate housing in Minneapolis (2016). This is a very general article about housing inequality in Minnesota and a few pros and cons of market rate housing.
Why market rate housing construction matters for low income people (2018). This article argues that market rate housing helps lower income people by expanding the availability of housing. Study: Building Luxury Housing for the Gentrifiers Helps the Poor (2018).  This is a brief article about this study.
Market-rate housing isn’t a bad word, and we won’t solve the housing crisis without it (2017). This article argues that subsidized housing cannot meet all of our housing needs.
Market rate housing key to Atlantic City growth (2018). This article argues that developments in market rate housing are critical to economic growth in Atlantic City.
How building expensive new housing creates more affordable cities (2017).  This article argues that market rates lead to more housing, which helps the poor.
Why building more high income housing helps affordability (2017). This article argues that building new housing at market rates drives down the price of old housing, increasing the available supply of older, affordable housing for others.
Capitalism can’t give us affordable housing (2018).  This article contends that the market is only concerned with generating profits and not providing housing.
Diversity of downtown housing improves a region’s economic success (2016). This is a general article about the growth in urbanization and how general affordable housing programs can help.
As affordable housing shrinks, where can families live? (2015). This is not a strong Con article, but it does make the point that market driven housing decisions do not lead to housing big enough for families in the cities and that the only way to support that is through some market intervention.
General Alternative Options
Affordable housing in expensive cities (2018). This article argues that rent controls will not make enough affordable housing available because we need to build more housing to meet demand and that without more housing there is no hope of providing more affordable housing.
Increasing affordable housing opportunities in rural and urban markets. This very brief article argues that shared equity housing — purchases between a low income individual and a nonprofit can help more individuals purchase homes.
How to address both gentrification and concentrate poverty (2018). This article discusses some generally important values in housing policy and important things for developers to consider.
Growing cities and affordable housing: The effects of rapid urbanization (2018)
3 ways to stop the housing crisis killing our cities (2018)
How to make expensive cities affordable for everyone again (2018)
The tragic economics of urban housing (2016)
Cities where the middle class is priced out (2018)
Renters struggle to pay for housing in US cities (2017)
Market rate housing means more market rate housing, not cheaper housing (2018)
America’s affordable housing crisis is driving its homelessness crisis (2017)
Fixing non affordability means embracing non-market housing (2017)