Framework Questions (Reg Required)

The question the resolution asks is whether or not the European Union (EU) should join the BRI.   This introduces a number of framework questions.
Does only the EU’s interest matter? There has been a common argument in PF debate in the last couple of years that only the interests of the actor matter, as the actor should act in its own interests.
While this has an element of truth to it, PF debaters take it too far to say that only the interests of the actor matter?
Well, one if only the interests of the actor matter, one could enslave millions of people from another country, as it would help the economic development of your country. Countries could freely drop nuclear weapons, as it might avoid casualties fighting war through conventional means. Northern countries could decide not to invest in combatting climate change because it mostly only effects low income countries. Countries could shoot refugees, as the refugees aren’t from their country.
Second, countries need allies. The EU is aligned with the US and there is a strong interest in maintaining that relationship, as they may need help defending against a Russian invasion (which might be in Russia’s own interest.). Since the US population is approximately 20% of the population of China, it needs allies as well – to country China’s economic and technological strength.
Does it have to benefit all European countries? If the EU signed-off on this and it is a joint commitment, does it have to benefit every country in the EU? That seems to be too high of a burden for the Pro to prove, but why else would they all join?
There will probably be some more framework questions, but this is a good start.