Great Power Conflict Arguments You Need Answers To

Below is a list of arguments you need to respond to in order to be prepared for your rebuttals. Answers to most of these arguments are contained in our master release and daily updates, and we are working on putting together a “power pack” of responses. Please email if you’d like responses to any additional arguments


Russia Threat

  • General
  • Baltics
  • Europe
  • Ukraine
  • Hypersonics threat
  • Nuclear weapons threat

China Threat

  • General
  • Taiwan
  • South China Sea
  • Japan
  • Hypersonics threat
  • Nuclear weapons threat

China/Russia Alliance Bad

Global Democracy
   – Surveillance
— China tech dominance generally undermines
— China and/or Russia dominance undermines

Cyber Threat

Russia disinformation/US democracy

AI (China)

Hegemony Good

Liberal International Order Good

Multilateralism Bad

AT: Ukraine War is NATO’s fault
AT: Security Dilemma
AT: Prolif Good

Reduced focus on the Middle East prevents Iran encirclement


Kills climate coop (US hardline on Taiwan has killed climate cooperation)
Kills disease coop
Multilateralism generally better

GPC drains resources for domestic programs that reduce poverty (general poverty and racism impacts)

Alliances bad

     – Environment
     – Sex assault

GPC means fewer resources directed toward the Middle East

    – Need to deter Iran
    – Need strong relations with Saudi Arabia for various reasons

Hegemony Bad

    – Hegemony unsustainable
    – Hegemony bad: China conflict; Russia bad; terrorism; etc

GPC Leads to Russia-China alliance

China-US relations generally a good thing


  – Securitization
  – China threat con (Pan)
— Kritik of Hegemony

Both Sides

China war good
Russia war good
Nuclear war good