How to Make a Great Authorship Speech

From Rosslyn Model Government 

The first speech on a bill is either a Sponsorship Speech or an Authorship Speech

  • If you are the person who wrote the bill, it is an authorship speech.  This speech is 4 minutes long.
  • If you have not written the bill but want to make the first speech, it is a sponsorship speech. This is 3 minutes long.
These speeches have a slightly different format from normal speeches.  Here’s how to make a great sponsorship/authorship speech:

  1. Identify the problem that the bill will solve. If you cannot convince people that your bill will improve the Status Quo, they will not vote for it.
  2. Explain how your bill will solve the problem. If your bill is long or complicated go through it section by section and explain what each does to solve the problem. If your bill is fairly straightforward, just summarize how it will solve the problem.
  3. Address potential arguments against your bill. Since this speech will usually be prepared before hand, put thought into this and shoot down opposing arguments before they can be made.
  4. Close your speech with a good conclusion. This conclusion should restate why this bill is so important and why it should be passed.  Remember: Leave some time in the end to answer questions your audience may have.