Immigration Argument Map


Reduces US immigration processing backlog

Reduced detention center housing, improved health

Emigration helps Mexico’s economy
Emigration helps Latin America’s economy

Surveillance reduces
Sex trafficking
Drug trade
Illegal wildlife trade

Surveillance frees-up military resources

Increase surveillance means Biden victory

Surveillance discourages immigration, reducing deaths from migration

Stops brain drain

Immigration hurts the US economy
Trades-off with low wage jobs
Overwhelms and trades-off with social services

Increased surveillance generally improves surveillance tech and AI


Immigration helps the US economy
Labor shortages

Brain circulation good

Remittances good

Poverty bad — immigrants fleeing poverty

Refugees — US should accept refugees

Spending on surveillance means resource trade-offs

Spending on surveillance politically popular

Privacy of migrant
Privacy of Americans caught in the net

Surveillance industrial complex

Biometrics bad

Latin American Economy
Emigration critical to Latin America’s economy
Emigration critical to Mexico’s economy

Surveillance helps Biden win, Trump better

Cybersecurity — hackers steal data

Racial profiling bad

Monitoring of social movements bad

Surveillance leads to environmental pollution and destruction