Intro to Debate Vocabulary

Argument. A statement with a claim, a warrant, and an impact.
Arguments. Arguments are individual disagreements between one individual argument and another individual argument.
Claim.  A claim is statement that someone says is true.
Impact. The impact is why it matters that the claim is true.
Warrant.  A warrant is a reason the argument is said to be true.
Academic debate.  Academic debate is a formal way of expressing disagreement and moving toward resolution.
Procedures.  Procedures are rules for how a disagreement is resolved.
Evidence. Evidence is support that is provided for an argument.
Inquiry. Inquiry is the process of learning about something.
Invention. Invention is the creation of an argument.
Advocacy. Advocacy is stating an argument.
Synthesis. Synthesis is the reconciliation of two opposing views so that one view can emerge.
Topic.  The topic is the subject matter that will be debated.
Resolution. The Resolution is the specific statement that will be debated.