Is China a bigger threat to US security than Russia?


China and Russia each pose a threat to United States security.  Some threats are economic in nature; some are military threats and there are even ideological threats.  

Generally China poses a greater economic threat to our security than does Russia – they are now the second largest economy in the world while Russia’s economy is about the size of Italy’s.  China also poses a threat in espionage – and intellectual property theft. In addition, China holds a large percent of the US national debt creating economic vulnerability to the US financial system. Militarily they will surpass Russia as a threat globally in the future.  However, the current situation in regard to Taiwan’s autonomy and aggressive behavior in the South China Sea present immediate military threats on a regional basis.

Russia on the other hand poses less of an economic threat and more of a direct military threat to the homeland.  In addition, they have been engaged in highly successful efforts to undermine elections and civil society in the United States.  . 


Ranking the world’s powers. A graphic comparison of US, China and Russia on a large number of issues.  

Conclusion Global Threat Level – Arguments about the unique threats that  both countries pose to the US. October 2022


*China poses a greater “Geoeconomic” threat to the United States than does Russia

*China spends considerably more than Russia on the military

*China is larger in terms of population and production than Russia

*China presents a regional military challenge – specifically with Taiwan

*China threatens the United States industrial base and supply chain

*Russia’s military has been exposed in Ukraine – it is in horrible shape

Russia is a Rogue nation not a peer.

China’s economic growth and increased international assertiveness is a problem for the US

China’s counterintelligence and economic espionage threaten the United States.

China’s developing Cyber Attack strategy


*Russia poses a greater global military threat than China

*The war in Ukraine makes Russian threats highly unpredictable

*Russia has more advanced nuclear submarine, missile forces and nuclear weapons

*Russia undermines NATO

*Russia is working on undermining US elections


Russia’s military advantage over China

Russia is the biggest threat to the US homeland

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Russia is a threat to our elections and is developing new Nuclear technology

Russian hypersonic missile threat

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