Is Iranian Nuclearization a Threat to the Middle East?


For at least two decades, Iran has sought to develop nuclear weapons and join the world’s other nuclear powers (China, France, Israel (know to have nuclear weapons though they never declared they have nuclear weapons), North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States)

Like many countries, Iran seeks prestige, technological development, and deterrence against regional rivals like Israel and the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.  

Iran has tried for decades to develop its civilian nuclear program both to provide energy for the country (Iran has a lot of oil reserves but prefers to keep those reserves for export) and to support technology needed for nuclear weapons development.

A history of continuity in Iran’s long nuclear program

A History of Iran’s Nuclear Program

There have been negotiations, agreements, preemptive military strikes, cyber attacks among a range of efforts to keep Iran from going nuclear, but most observersI agree that Iran has continued its efforts. [Read More @ DebateUS!]

There are both debates as to whether or not the nuclear agreement should be reinstate and also debates about whether or not Iranian nuclearization is a threat.

*The Iranian military is based on offensive principles – having nuclear weapons uniquely increases the risk of war.

*Iran Nuclearization will lead to preemptive strikes from Israel and The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

*Iran’s increasing missile and drone technology make Iran’s nuclear program even more dangerous

*Iranian efforts to acquire nuclear weapons drive rapprochement between Israel and the GCC and destroys any chance for Paestinian statehood

*A nuclear Iran would dramatically shift power balances in the Middle East – increasing the arms race

*Iranian Nuclearization is strengthening the Russian-Iranian alliance

*Iranian Nuclearization is an example of Great Power Competition gone wrong:  Russia/Iran on one side – Israel, The GCC and U.S. on the other side – competition involving nuclear weapons in a volatile area with a history of war.

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A nuclear Iran could create a Middle East nightmare


*Israel has nuclear weapons creating the incentive for other Middle Eastern nations to acquire them.

*Iran having a nuclear weapon will serve as deterrent to Israel – preventing preemptive military actions

*Iran’s nuclear programs are driving its Arab foes (the GCC) to mend ties with Iran

*Iran does not want nuclear weapons and has never developed one

*Domestic nuclear power is important for Iran in a post fossil fuels/carbon world

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