Meeting in Hungary Plans Local Debate Cooperation Efforts


From Global Debate Blog
Long time debate supporter Maja Nenadovic held a meeting so that Hungarian debate organizers could discuss issues of mutual interest and create networks for the future expansion of debating in Hungary and the region. Hungary is experiencing challenges in debate expansion because of serious cuts in schools and universities as well as reactionary political developments.

Those attending the meeting were: Alfred Snider, LDU & World Debate Institute, Bojana Skrt, ZIP Slovenia, Steve Llano, St. John’s University NY, Fanni Kruppa, Hungary, Balazs Dezsenyi, Hungarian Debating Association, Rita Galumbos, Hungarian Foreign Ministry, Viktoria Taxacs, DIA Debate in Action, Irina Gyorgyne, DIA Debate in Action and Gyorgy Lissauer, Open Society Foundation Hungary.

Look for future news of these networking and cooperation efforts.