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2022 Strategic Concept, a policy document adopted at the NATO leaders’ summit held in Madrid in the last week of June

Timeline of NATO expansion since 1949

Vigilance is the price of liberty

NATO’s leaders approve new strategic concept (June 2022)


A Closer Look at the Intersection of Gender and Security


NATO was founded to protect ‘civilized’ people. That means White.

Spring 2022

Discolored Revolutions: Information Warfare in Russia’s Grand Strategy

Changing the Kremlin’s Election Interference Calculus

NATO’s China Role: Defending Cyber and Outer Space

Cyber Offense and a Changing Strategic Paradigm

Taking US Foreign Policy for the Middle Class Seriously

July 12

NATO’s endless expansion threatens endless war — and potential nuclear holocaust

July 11

Equipping U.S. Partners in Cyberspace is a Must

Finland, in NATO and with the F-35, forms a powerful challenge to Russia

July 10

Is China next on NATO’s list?.

July 8

Will the blob win the Russo-Ukraine war?

Imperial Pressures: America must pass the buck to Europe

Ukraine’s Implausible Theories of Victory
The Fantasy of Russian Defeat and the Case for Diplomacy

Vladimir Putin Often Backs Down

July 7

U.S. Ambassador to NATO: New China Strategy Is a ‘Big Deal’

Europe can’t afford vaccilation on the Ukraine

For more than month Latvia has been under Russian cyber attack

July 6

Persistent Engagement in Cyberspace Is a Strategic Imperative

Deterrence and Defense

July 5

A post war standoff between Russia and the West is inevitable

July 3

BATTLEFIELD GALACTICA Inside future of warfare that will look like Star Wars with swarms of killer autonomous drones attacking each other

Yes, Nato has a new vitality. But its united front could collapse when it has to deal with Russia

June 2

What the U.S. enhancing its military presence in NATO nations could look like

Cyber Insecurity: Give Deterrence a Break

July 1

Putin’s week: Facing NATO expansion, West’s unity on Ukraine

Ukraine Has Exposed Russia as a Not-So-Great Power

West worries about consensus fraying over Ukraine+

NATO steps up to the China challenge+

Does Putin’s war mark a new period in history?

The art of the arms race+

Is Using Nuclear Weapons Still Taboo? The world is starting to forget the realities of nuclear weapons.+

June 30

Putin’s Invasion Has Turbocharged NATO Defense Spending

Pentagon Announces New Permanent U.S. Army Headquarters in Poland

NATO vows to guard ‘every inch of territory’ as Russia fumes

Those 300,000 high-readiness NATO troops? ‘Concept,’ not reality.

NATO launches innovation fund

June 29

Going Global: Will North Korea’s Fears of an ‘Asian Nato’ Come True?

NATO’s Hard Road Ahead: The Greatest Threats to Alliance Unity Will Come After the Madrid Summit

NATO establishes a program to coordinate rapid response to cyber attacks

Historic NATO Meeting Extends Cybersecurity Collaboration to Asia-Pacific Allies

China will decide the outcome of Russia vs. the West


June 28

Could the Russian cyber attacks on Lithuania draw a military response from NATO?

NATO Strategic Autonomy is Dead

Could NATO cope without the United States?

NATO more united, focused

Why Americans still need NATO +

June 27

War in Ukraine: NATO increases military strength and changes tone

‘Systemic challenge’ or worse? NATO members wrangle over how to treat China

NATO’s Army to Get Seven Times Larger in Biggest Overhaul Since Cold War

As U.S. troops reach 100K in Europe, questions mount over endgame, long-term effects

NATO to dramatically increase forces on high alert to over 300,000 from 40,000 amid Russia threat

What’s Putin’s next move?

June 26

The four horsemen of the apocalypse

June 25

Has Russia won over the rest of the world?

How the melting Arctic could lead to riches but a world war

June 24

Russia Hacks Remind NATO It’s Time for a Cyber Upgrade

EU, NATO forming coalition to fight Russia

June 23

Can a Focus on Innovation Save NATO?

Nato must show Putin it is serious about defence

June 22

NATO must show Putin it is serious about defense

Geopolitical implications of AI and digital surveillance adoption

Has the war in the Ukraine damaged Russia[a’s Grey Zone Capabilities?

What Biden gets wrong about Europena Defense?

The G7, NATO, and the Future of the West

June 21

Putin is banking on Europe’s divisions over Russia

How Russia’s vaunted cyber capabilities were frustrated in Ukraine

Russian cyber spies attack Ukraine’s allies, Microsoft says

Is a Military Conflict Between America and Russia in the Making?

Will the transatlantic coalition against Russia hold?

Strengthening the US and NATO defense postures in Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

June 20

Russian cyberwar campaign not ending soon

June 19

AI’s hold over humans is starting to get stronger.  I don’t think there are any cards in here, but it is a good explanation of the state of AI.

NATO must strengthen nonproliferation

June 17

Achieving true cyber security is impossible

June 16

NATO says it will increase forces on Russia’s Doorstep

The West’s unity over Ukraine could be starting to crack, just as Russia’s invasion gains ground

Options for Small NATO Countries to Prepare for Multi-Domain Operations

NATO Must Ensure Defense and Civilian Industries Work Together

June 15

The deteriorating nuclear order

Little Self-Regulation for Militaries Developing Artificial Intelligence

Can the United States Kick the Afghanistan Syndrome?
If the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate the failure of excess militarism, then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows why faith in diplomatic and economic deterrents is misplaced.

June 13

Is it too late to stop the spread of autonomous weapons?

The Real End of Pax Americana

The Future of U.S. Security Depends on Owning the ‘Gray Zone.’ Biden Must Get It Right.

June 12

Google engineer claims AI is conscious of leave, report details

Focus on the Human Element to Win the AI Arms Race

Putin Invokes Peter the Great as Russia Prepares for Long War

June 10

Against Russia and China, an ‘Economic NATO’ Is Not Enough

State of the geopolitical cyber threat landscape

NATO Moving Toward Interconnected Simulators

2 Percent Defense Spending Is a Bad Target for NATO

June 9

NATO and Japan are natural partners, says Chair of the NATO Military Committee

Defence Minister notes “great challenges” for non-NATO member European states in Parliament address

With Russia threat looming, Europe’s eastern flank looks to Israel for expertise

Canada on ‘high alert’ for cyberattacks from Russia, others: minister

June 8

Japan, NATO Boost Ties Amid Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept Must Enhance Digital Access and Capacities

June 7

The U.S.-Russia conflict is heating up — in cyberspace

The “information space,” as the Kremlin likes to call it, has been a growing domain of U.S.-Russian conflict, not only in the Ukraine war, but in Russia’s hacking attacks against the presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2020 as well as the congressional elections in 2018. The two countries briefly seemed to be working together for common rules for cyberspace last year, but that cooperation has now exploded.

Andrei Krutskikh, the top cyber expert at the Russian foreign ministry, charged in an interview on Monday with the Russian newspaper Kommersant that the United States had allegedly “unleashed cyber aggression against Russia and its allies.” He claimed that Washington was using Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and “the IT Army created by him to carry out computer attacks against our country as a battering ram.”

NATO is out of shape and out of date

How NATO Can Meet the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century

Nuclear Weapons Must Be Safe from Cyber Threats

Autonomous challenge sponsored by Boeing and NATO highlights innovation in unmanned systems

June 6

Russia holds Baltic Sea exercises with Finland, Sweden 

Former NATO Chief: We ‘Overestimated’ Russia’s Military

June 5

Can the World Avoid a Cyber-Nuclear Catastrophe?

June 2

US Justice Department Braces for More Russian Cyberattacks

Russia Forcing Changes To NATO Strategic Concepts


June 1

Emerging tech to have prominent role in NATO’s new strategic concept

US using hack attacks to support Ukraine against Russia, general says

Russia Forcing Changes to NATO Strategic Concepts

Limits of US Reach Exposed by Russia’s War

Ukraine joins its first NATO cyber defense center meeting

May 31

Opportunities Abound for Further U.S.–South Korean Cyber Cooperation

The U.S. Must Lead a New Transatlantic Alliance on Tech Policy

The Cyber Community’s NDAA Wish List

May 30

Will Putin launch a cyber attack on America?

May 29

NATO is training for war with Russia

May 27

Darktrace CEO Calls For Dedicated ‘Tech NATO’ To Improve International

May 25

The West should not wish away the Russia threat again

Putin deploys nuclear-capable missiles to Belarusian border with Ukraine

May 24

NATO Must Contest Russian Moves in Its Southern Underbelly

Russia’s Unlucky Past Has a Stranglehold on Its Future

Cybersecurity is a society wide effort

May 20

Cyber security: Global food supply chain at risk from malicious hackers

Why America Should Encourage European Strategic Autonomy

Russia is a threat to NATO

Special Operators Want AI to Help Discern Public Opinion

May 18

NATO launches AI initiative to ensure tech advantage

May 16

How can the new cold war with Russia end?

May 15

The End of Empire: Can Russia Become a True Nation-State?

May 14

Finland, Sweden’s NATO moves prompt fears of Russian cyberattacks

May 13


May 12

Allies to approve Finland, Sweden NATO bid

US national cyber director asks for vigilance following Russian cyberattack

The War in Ukraine will be a historic turning point 

May 11

Canada directs military to take more assertive stance in cyberspace

Escalating cyber attacks risk widening war in the Ukraine

May 10

South Korea joins NATO cyber defense unit, China worrisome

May 9

Peace in Europe has never been so fragile

A Force for the Future: A High-Reward, Low-Risk Approach to AI Military Innovation

May 8

The War Against Russia is World War IV

May 5

South Korea admitted to NATO Cyber Defense Strategy 

AI for Cybersecurity Shimmers With Promise, but Challenges Abound

May 4

A Plan to Keep the Space Force’s Future AI Safe 


The Cold War Never Ended Ukraine, the China Challenge, and the Revival of the West

The Outsiders How the International System Can Still Check China and Russia

May 3

Why Ukraine Hasn’t Suffered a Dehhabilitating Cyber Attack

Pentagon finds hundreds of cyber vulnerabilities among contractors

May 2

Helping NATO embrace cyber defense 

NATO’s response to the Putin Doctrine will shape its operations for years to come

May 1

Perspectives on the Ukraine Invasion

Cyberwar is a two-way street for Russia 

Putin is preparing for war with NATO

April 30

Shared Responsibility: Enacting Military AI Ethics in U.S. Coalitions

Ukraine war speeds up US cyber agenda

April 29

Feared Russian cyberattacks against US have yet to materialized

Inside the Republican drift away from supporting the NATO alliance

Citing cyberthreats: Why we should be worried

April 27

NATO’s Credibility Is on the Line with its Cyber Defense Pledge. That’s a Bad Idea.

Artificial Intelligence and Chemical and Biological Weapons

April 25

Cyberattacks Can Invoke NATO Defence Clause

April 23

Cybersecurity In A Digital World And The War For Talent

April 22

The Russian cyber threat is here to stay and NATO needs to understand it

Should we trust deterrence theory?

April 19

BATTLEFIELD METAVERSE Inside new military race to dominate the metaverse as US and China prepare for cyber warfare

Why the World Isn’t Really United Against Russia

April 18

A Year of Hacks and Cyberwar: How Biden Is Tackling Cybersecurity

US officials  ramp-up warnings about Russian cyber attacks

Why America Needs a National Data Strategy

April 17

NASA applies AI to ‘optimise’ new 3,800mph hypersonic engine that will terrify Putin

April 16

U.S., allies plan for long-term isolation of Russia

The Biden administration and its European allies have begun planning for a different world, in which they no longer try to coexist and cooperate with Russia, but actively seek to isolate and weaken it.

April 15

Russia’s Artificial Intelligence Boom May Not Survive the War

The Cyber-Escalation Fallacy What the War in Ukraine Reveals About State-Backed Hacking

Can Russia and the West Avoid a Major Cyber Escalation?

Future is Now The danger is that America’s over-correction of its earlier stand on future threats may significantly undermine its capability to deal with the present global security scenario. Most 21st century conflicts are still being fought with conventional if advanced precision weapons by troops on the ground. Washington would do well to remember that.

Sitting Out of the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race Is Not an OptionThe race to build autonomous weapons will have as much impact on military affairs in the twenty-first century as aircraft did on land and naval warfare in the twentieth century.

April 14

2 years later: What’s next in security for the pandemic-era workforce | Cybersecurity Dive

Authorities warn dangerous new malware can shut down, sabotage industrial sites

China May Have Just Taken the Lead in the Quantum Computing Race

AI Competition with China should be done the American way 

Risk, Uncertainty and Innovation

April 13

Risk, Uncertainty and Innovation

Some see cyber war in the Ukraine, others just see flawed attacks

Cyberspace and War in Ukraine: Prepare for Worse

Authorities warn dangerous new malware can shut down, sabotage industrial sites

Empowering NATO’s Technological Edge

Lockheed Martin Hopes the US Has Turned the Corner on Hypersonics


April 12

How the US developed its cyber warfare

Why Russia’s Cyber Warriors Haven’t Crippled Ukraine

April 11

Could the Siloviki Challenge Putin? What It Would Take for a Coup by Kremlin Insiders

April 10

U.S- NATO role in the cyber conflict and Taiwan to confront China after the Ukraine war

AI Spending in Asia to reach $35 billion

April 9

NATO plans full-scale military presence at border, says Stoltenberg – The Telegraph

2 new NATO technological innovation centres for Portugal

April 8

Why Cyber Holds the Entire World at Risk

NATO eyes in the sky, keeping Europe out of Russia’s war

Russia’s cyberattacks should trigger a response from NATO

April 7

NATO sharpens technological edge with innovation initiatives

Science goes to war: western allies step up collaboration in military research

April 6

Why 30 percent of the House GOP voted against affirming NATO support

What’s wrong with cyber security technology

Space Force to shore up cyber security as threats proliferate

NATO unveils tech accelerator footprint, with plans for over 60 sites

China accuses US, UK and Australia of trying to build Asia-Pacific NATO

April 5

NATO’s role in global cyber security 

Cyber Command chief: U.S. has ‘stepped up’ to protect Ukraine’s networks

From Korea to Libya: On the Future of Ukraine and NATO’s Neverending Wars

April 4

NATO’s global history of reaction

April 3

Trans-Atlantic team to develop technical concept for NATO’s Future Surveillance and Control capabilities

April 2

On NATO’s Front Line, Russia’s Threat Draws New Allied Forces

March 31

Russian hackers target NATO, US organizations with phishing campaigns

Military Historian Talks Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks and Article 5 of NATO

Global upheaval shows cyber security isn’t good enough, says GCHQ director

March 27

Chinese cyberattacks on NATO countries increase 116% since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: study

March 26

Experts seek cyberwarfare definition following recent cyber warnings

Biden calls for ‘lockstep’ NATO response to Russia’s Ukraine invasion

March 25

The US can’t sit back and wait for Russia to risk cyber havoc

NATO was in crisis. Putin’s war made it even more powerful.

Threat of Russian cyberattack looms, but NATO expert says military escalation unlikely

Emerging Cyber Threats: No State Is an Island in Cyberspace

(Cyber) lessons to be learned from Russian Invasion

U.S. engaged in “contingency planning” for Russian strike on NATO territory

March 24

NATO boosts defenses in Europe, says it faces ‘gravest threat’ to its security in decades

Nato opens first MAWI location in Estonia

Putin Has Popped the EU Defense Bubble

NATO steps up intelligence-sharing ‘in preparation’ for Russian cyberattacks

NATO to provide cyber security, equipment support to Ukraine: Stoltenberg

The Opportunities and Challenges of Military Cyber Exercises

NATO, G-7 leaders promise bulwark against retaliatory Russian cyberattacks

NATO summit: Chemical weapons, cyber attacks and drones are major concerns

March 23

What China really means when it talks about NATO’s eastward expansion

NATO, in Arctic training drills, faces unpredictable Russia

March 22

Cyberattacks Against NATO Countries from Chinese IP Addresses Double

A cyberattack could lead to war. But it is very unlikely

March 21

Time for NATO’s resolve

March 18

Cyberthreat grows as US, NATO countries press Russia sanctions 

After Russia’s Ukraine invasation, 7 assumptions the US and NATO allies should drop

An isolated Russia will pose new cyber threats

March 17

300,000 Global Hackers Have Declared War on Russia

EU needs to reinforce cyber security 

What the Ukraine shows about cyber defense and partnerships

How NATO is helping Ukraine fend off an onslaught of Russian cyberattacks

How Russia’s War in Ukraine will Accelerate U.S.-China Competition

March 15

Russian invasion of Ukraine may trigger protracted cyber conflict


2021 records ‘all-time peak’ in weekly cyber attacks

Preparing the Inevitable Cyber Surprise 

Defence faces AI strategy implementation challenges


Why the Department of Defense Should Create an AI Red Team

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Indo-Pacific




Emerging and disruptive technologies


Cognitive Biotechnology: opportunities and considerations for the NATO Alliance


Security and Resilience for Emerging Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology Threats



NATO looking at holistic path to boost cyber defense arsenal


NATO seeks collaboration with cyber security suppliers

Report Implicates Belarus in Anti-NATO Cyber Campaign


NPS Collaboration Keeps NATO Up To Speed in Cyber Security


Is NATO ready cyberware

— June

Former NATO Commander Says NATO Alliance Has ‘Woken Up’ To Cybersecurity

NATO Warns it Will Consider a Military Response to Cyber-Attacks

NATO’s Stoltenberg: Sophisticated Cyber Attacks Could Trigger Collective Response

NATO members agree to new cyber defense policy

Cybersecurity, Ransomware Climb Policy Ladder at NATO, G-7 Meetings

— July

U.S., NATO and EU to blame China for cyberattack on Microsoft Exchange servers


NATO-EU Cooperation in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence Offers Unrivalled Advantages

NATO needs continuous responses in cyberspace

The Escalation Inversion and Other Oddities of Situational Cyber Stability

Artificial Intelligence


The Alliance in the loop: NATO and Artificial Intelligence

The Double-Edged Sword of AI: Enabler of Disinformation

— November

NATO ups the ante on disruptive tech, artificial intelligence

Algorithmic power, NATO and artificial intelligence

NATO’s new AI strategy: lacking in substance and lacking in leadership

NATO Sets the Strategy on AI

Policy Insights: NATO’S AI Strategy: AI fencing the guard

NATO hammers-out its first artificial intelligence (AI) strategy to promote ethical use advanced computers

— October

NATO’s Role in Responsible AI Governance in Military Affairs

NATO defense ministers adopt strategy on artificial intelligence

An Artificial Intelligence Strategy for NATO

NATO releases first-ever strategy for Artificial Intelligence

NATO Plans AI Strategy, $1B Investment Fund as it Seeks to Stay Ahead in Tech Realm

Nato defence ministers agree to artificial intelligence strategy

Maintaining and Improving NATO’s Technological Edge


Maintaining and Improving NATO’s Technological Edge


Debunking the AI Arms Race Theory


Nato allies need to speed up AI defence co-operation


NATO wants to set AI standards. If only its members agreed on the basics

NATO to Focus on Technology Starting with AI

National Security Commission on AI


NATO Leadership on Ethical AI is Key to Future Interoperability


NATO Decision-Making in the Age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence