On balance, artificial intelligence improves humanity


What is AI?  This article generally discusses how AI works and why it is important to incorporate values into AI decision-making.

What AI experts predict will happen in 2019 (2019). This brief article quotes some experts in AI to argue that there are developments in AI but that people and businesses are focusing on the practical side now and that there will not be any dramatic advancements in the short-term.


Artificial intelligence and the future of humans (2017). This is really an excellent overview of the topic. The first page has a bunch of summarative quotes from experts about the impact of AI on humanity. There are then follow-up articles about the pros and cons.

10 Essential TED Talks on AI.  These are useful talks for gaining more background info on AI.

The future of artificial intelligence will depend on human wisdom (2018). This article identifies many benefits of AI but also argues that other finding a way to integrate human values is critical to it doesn’t do anything destructive.

Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence  (No Date). This is a general article that talks about the more potentially significant developments in AI, including the risks and potential benefits.

How frightened should we be of AI (2018). This isn’t very useful for debate, but it it is an interesting ready about the potential for developing very advanced AI systems.

Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence (2018). This is probably too philosophical to be useful. It articulates how AI could change our modern understanding of human rights.


Artificial intelligence will save humanity, but does anyone care? (2018) This article argues the only way to save humanity from extinction is to support AI.

This is how AI can help humanity (2019). This short article explains how AI can reduce cancer, heart disease, and climate change but suggests that we need to solve capacity bottlenecks.

How AI can diagnose medical disorders better than a doctor (2019). The title is self-explanatory.

The case for Artificial Intelligence: The World is Saturated with schools that don’t work (2019). The title is self-explanatory.  The central claim is that integrating AI into education supports adaptive learning and project-based learning that can motivate students.

5 myths about AI that you must stop believing (2017). The article says that AI could have some negative impacts on employment but that it will not lead to the end of the human race.

Human intelligence is far scarier than AI (2017)

Humanity is far better off in AI (2017)

How AI can improve humans (2018)

AI will prove the humanity of health care (2018)

Amplifying humanity with AI (2018)

AI will leave humanity better off by 2030 (2018)

Why humans will always be smarter than AI (2018)

The human promise of the AI revolution (2018)

AI and the potential to expand human ability (2017)

Human benefits of AI (2018)


Mike Purdy and Paul Daugherty, “Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth,” Accenture, 2016


Is Stephen Hawking right? Could AI lead to the end of humanity? (2018). This article explores the claim by Steven Hawking that AI could mean the end of humanity and generally takes it as a serious consideration.

Artificial intelligence is our future, but will it destroy humanity? (2017)

Protecting Humanity in the Face of Artificial Intelligence (2018)

How Fei Fei will improve artificial intelligence for humanity (2018)

Researchers call for more humanity in artificial intelligence (2018)

Ending artificial intelligence helps humanity (2018)

Elon Musk’s drive to save humanity from AI (2018)

37% of Tech Experts worry AI will make humanity worse (2017)

AI can be a threat to human dignity (2017)

AI is not a threat to humanity (2018)


Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence (2016). This report outlines some of the major pros and cons of AI as well as suggested policy actions the federal government could take.  It also offers some important background information and definitions.