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Will Facebook’s Libra change the way the world banks? (2019). In the end, new financial institutions will likely supplement the existing ones rather than replace them. New systems have to interface with old ones. And there will always be tradeoffs. If you want to make it frictionless for anyone to send money around the world without cumbersome identity verification, you cannot simultaneously make it hard for someone subject to U.S. sanctions to pay terrorist organizations or money launderers. Libra might develop better mousetraps, but at the cost of accessibility and ease of use. Facebook will have to find a balance that works.
Cryptocurrency good
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Cryptocurrency bad
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Facebook’s Libra may be too good to be true. (2019) Facebook’s Libra aims to make financial transactions cheaper, faster, and more accessible. Resident Scholar Paul Kupiec warns that Libra may be riskier and more costly than traditional currency.
Why consumers must beware of Libra (2019). Nothing in life is free, and Libra is another example of this. In the end, it will be far safer and cheaper for consumers to continue using dollars in the banking system.
Cryptocurrency Security (2019). This article identifies many security risks in cryptocurrency. It also offers strong explanations of many of the parts of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency bad — developing world

Cryptocurrency in the developing world needs a fresh approach (2019). This article argues the current cryptocurrency systems in the developing world are poorly managed and corruption.
Cryptocurrency good — developing world
Cryptocurrency in the developing world — how it can make life better (2019). This article argues cc in the developing world will reduce corruption and poverty.
Africa could be the next frontier for cryptocurrency (2018).This article discusses the benefits of cryptocurrency for Africa, including giving people access to banking.
What cryptocurrencies could bring to developing countries (2018). This article discusses the importance of providing banking services to individuals who currently do not have access and the role that will play.
This is where cryptocurrencies are making a difference in the world (2018). The article contends that developing world cryptocurrencies help fight inflation and facilitate cross border payments.
Sanctions Links — Cryptocurrency Undermines Sanctions
US foes are weaponizing cryptocurrency (2019). This article says cryptocurrency makes sanctions more difficult to enforce.
Crypto Rogues (2019). This report identifies the ways cryptocurrencies undermine sanctions.