Prison Abolition Affirmative and Negative (Amar Adam)

Amar Adam

Amar Adam is Assistant Debate Coach at the University of Kentucky, one of the premier college debate programs in the United States and home of the Tournament of Champions. He currently coaches the top-ranked team in the United States.

Over the past 5 years, Amar has had an impressive record of accomplishments in college debate as both a student and a coach. As a student, he captained the University of Kentucky Debate Team, which was ranked in the top 5 nationally. He won the Naval Academy tournament 2018 and reached the top 16 in the National Debate Tournament that same year. A recipient of the highly competitive Singletary scholarship at University of Kentucky, Amar majored in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Arab Studies. Amar has extensive teaching and coaching experience at both the high school and college levels. He spent four years teaching at the Northwestern Summer Debate Institute and also served as an instructor at the Georgetown Policy Debate Seminar. As a coach at the University of Kentucky, his teams have won four out of 5 major tournaments in the current academic year.

Amar has exceptional reviews as an online instructor. He coaches both introductory Public Forum and advanced skills courses, specializing in tournament preparation and topic research.

Amar is available to teach Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Public Speaking.  Amar also tutors in economics, both macro and micro, as well as calculus and statistics.