Resolved: States ought to ban lethal autonomous weapons (outline)


States means all states
States means at least two states
States means one state
LAWS means all LAWS
LAWS means some LAWS
Lethal — kill humans/non-humans


Dignity — non-human killing

No proportionality
Non-human killing
Non-human killing makes war more likely
LAWS are not accountable

Violations human rights law/international law (IHL and IL generally are both good)

Human rights impacts — dignity, massacres, autonomy

Arms races
Nuclear escalation

China-US conflict (one plan has both the US and China ban them)

South China Sea conflict (one plan has the US ban AI in use for antisubmarine warfare)

North Korea — SK/US
Iran — Saudi Arabia/US

China LAWs bad (some plans just have China ban them)

Multilateralism good — AI weapons undermine multilateral arms control

AI arms race + miscalculation and accidents, international norm violations

Space Wars — US/Russia/China

Terrorism — Terrorists get LAWS, terrorist

Automated nuclear response, removes humanity from the nuclear response

AI weapons undermine nuclear deterrence

Russia’s Poiseden causes nuclear war

General war/militarism/endless violence bad. Militarism undermines democracy (so does technology)

LAWS are racist, LAWS turn students into racists, STEM becomes oriented towards racism, ROTB is to fight racism
Drone swarms cause war

Azerbaijan LAWS cause aggression and pipeline wars (Azerbaijan should ban)


LAWS enable Turkish aggression

Imperialism — autonomous weapons enable easy imperial control of resources and territory. Africa/racism impacts + others

African — LAWS lead to war in Africa

Weapons/AI weapons are masculine

Securitization bad — need to break it down

Ban landmines (landmines are LAWs). Food insecurity and suffering impacts. Displacement causes refugees. Some plans claim as a general advantage and others have Myanmar ban

South Korea should ban on the Korean penninsula, they trigger war with NK

LAWS means police militarization

Reject technology with Role of the Ballot

Actors debaters use — US, US & China, Republic of Korea, Russia (should ban Poiseden), Myanmar, Turkey



Must be all states
Must be at least 2 states
Must ban all LAWS
LAWS target humans


Can’t define/separate the weapons


Weaponitis/Arms Control Fails/Policy Fails
Intl law supports capitalism
Terror Talk
State centered controls are bad/fail
Security rhetoric bad/security K
International Law is imperialist/racist/capitalist
Autonomy — There is no such thing as autonomy
Settler Colonialism

Counterplans –PICS

Exclude countries — SK needs to deter NK, Israel needs to deter Iran, US needs to deter China, China needs to deter US
Exclude groups
Moratorium not a ban
South Korea shouldn’t ban the Samsung SGR-A1
Keep “morally programmed” LAWS
Exclude Missile Defense, Missile Defensd good (Iron Dome/Israel; THAAD/Saudi Arabia)
Exclude the US
Only ban fully autonomous LAWS
Only use LAWs to kill white supremacists
Only use LAWS to destroy asteroids

Counterplans — Consult


Counterplans — Other

Arms Control
Human interference/interest
Export controls
States should ban nuclear weapons


Offensive cyber operations good
Automated assassination good
Missile defense good/Israel
NK/SK Border Defense
Landmines good
Bans kill AI investment. AI investment needed to solve climate change; AI needed to solve food crises; AI needed for medical care; AI needed to keep the economy afloat; AI generally needed to solve problems; AI solves disease; AI needed to solve COVID
LAWS fight mosquitos
AI weapons replace nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons first
Hegemony good, AI key to hegemony
AI weapons necessary to stop hypersonic weapons
AI stops accidental war
SGAR-1 good
Need strong US AI to compete with China
Need LAWS to deter China aggression against Taiwan
Need LAWS to deter Russian aggression

Politics — stimulus

LAWS needed to stop terrorism; ban means only terrorists get them


LAWS don’t kill out of anger
LAWS are better targeted