Resolved: The benefits of European Union enlargement outweigh the harms (Bibliography)


EU Enlargement News


How Does the European Union Work? This article provides a brief overview of what the EU is and how it works. It’s useful background knowledge to understand when debating the topic.

The enlargement process. This brief article explains current considerations for countries that may be admitted and concludes that many they will not.

The EU Enlargement Process Could Be Renergized After A Decade Of False Dawns. This article discusses a few countries that could possibly be admitted and argues they will not in the near future.

Enlargement back on EU’s agenda at Western Balkans summit. This article discusses some some of the practical problems with admitting the Western Balkans but it doesn’t make a strong argument.

Austria pushes for rapid EU enlargement progress during Serbia visit. This article identifies some of the basic problems with admitting Serbia and other Balkan states.

A brief history of Turkey’s long, tortuous road to join the European Union


Judy Asks: Is the EU Ready for Further Enlargement?. This is an excellent overview of the pros and cons of enlargement.

Partnership for Enlargement: A new way to integrate Ukraine and the EU’s eastern neighbourhood. This article suggests a Partnership for Enlargement that isn’t quite the same as enlargement.

Ukraine and the EU: Enlargement at a New Crossroads. This article discusses some potential problems with enlargement to countries that don’t meet the criteria and alternatives that would capture some of the benefits of inclusion.


Is there really momentum behind EU enlargement? This article argues that accession of more member states will stabilize their economies and strengthen Europe’s economy.

The EU’s next big deal: Enlargement for treaty reform. This article argues that expansion will force treaty reform, which is a good thing.

Enlarged and in charge: Why the EU needs a new approach to accession. This article “sort of” argues it is good to integrate the Western Balkans, but it focuses more on the barriers in the current treaty process to doing so.

EU Enlargement: Expanding the Union and Its Potential. This argues expansion could strengthen deterrence against Russia.

Next Steps for EU Enlargement – Forwards or Backwards? This article identifies key problems with stopping expansion.

A new dawn for enlargement. This discusses potential enlargement for some countries and argues it generally supports economic and democratic gains.

A European Ukraine is the ‘clearest possible rejection’ of Putin’s imperialism, says Olaf Scholz. This article argues expansion will support the EU and facilitate deterrence against Russia.

Geopolitical and Security Concerns of the EU’s Enlargement to the East: The Case of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Enlargement strengthens the democracy and deterrence against Russia.

The price of Europe’s expansion fatigue  (gated)


EU heading for ‘small revolution’ on enlargement: French minister. This article discusses alternatives to enlargement and argues enlargement will alienate the populist right in Europe.

What Has Stopped EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans? This article discusses the lack of popular support for membership in the countries of many potential admittees.


The EU’s Next Eastward Enlargement Will Be Complicated and Expensive. This article argues absorbing more members will be costly cause internal conflicts.

EU Cannot fulfill expansion expectations. This article makes a general argument that the EU should not suggest membership to countries if it’s not practical for the EU to take on new members.

Can the war in Ukraine revive the EU’s enlargement agenda for the Western Balkans?   This article argues many countries that want to be admitted have not made any progress toward democracy.