Resolved: The United States federal government should forgive all federal student loan debt (evidence, bibliography)


How Much Student Loan Debt Does the Average College Graduate Have? This article reviews the growing debt problem.

What is student loan forgiveness? .  This article includes details on the different types of loans that are eligible for forgiveness.

Existing Program

These articles cover some details of the new, limited program —

What They Are Reading in the States: More than 4 Million Student Loan Borrowers Enrolled in New Biden-⁠Harris Administration SAVE Plan

Student Loan Forgiveness FAQs: The Details, Explained

662,000 Borrowers Get Student Loan Forgiveness As Improvements For Key Program Proceed


The “fairness” debate over student loan forgiveness, explained. This article reviews the pro and con arguments about loan forgiveness, with an emphasis on inflation.

Is it fair to forgive student loans? Examining 3 of the arguments of a heated debate This article reviews the basic pro and con arguments, with an emphasis on inflation and equity.

Will student loan forgiveness make inflation worse?. This reviews the pro/con inflation arguments.

Yes — Racism

The urgency and equity of student loan debt forgiveness. This paper focuses on the economic inequality in the financial markets, especially how the debt market, and how forgiveness will ameliorate that.

OPINION: Can debt relief and investment in HBCUs level the playing field for black students?

The student debt crisis hits Black Americans the hardest

Student Debt is a Civil Rights Issue: The Case for Debt Relief and Higher Education Reform


Why I changed my mind on student debt relief

Ten reasons to cancel student loan debt. This reviews 10 major reasons to cancel the debt.

Why Biden should forgive student loan debt

Goldman Sachs has run the numbers on student-loan forgiveness. This is its assessment.

Erasing Student Debt Makes Economic Sense. So Why Is It So Hard to Do?

Student Loan forgiveness is a good thing

Biden should target debt forgiveness

Time is Running Out to Protect Americans’ Relief Payments from Debt Collectors


No, Your Student Loans Should Not Be Forgiven

Five reasons why student loan forgiveness is a bad idea

Top Five Reasons Federal Student Debt Cancellation Is a Bad Idea

Will student loan forgiveness make inflation worse?

Opinion: Canceling Student Loan Debt Would Really Only Benefit the Well-Off

The moral hazard of student. loan forgiveness

Your student loan debt should not be forgiven

Student loan debt should. not be forgiven

Would Canceling Student Debt Promote Racial Equity?

Most Democratic Presidential Candidates Think College Should Be Free. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Are Millennials Responsible for Their Own Student Debt?

The Immorality of Student Loan Forgiveness and Free College

Let’s solve the college debt crisis by treating students like startups

Opinion There’s too much emphasis on reducing student loans and not enough on reducing risk

The False Premise Behind the Consumer Debt Scare

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