Resolved: The United States ought to provide a universal basic income

The case for free money.  This article provides an excellent overview of the UBI debate
Why some countries are seriously considering handing out free money. This article reviews the basic idea of UBI and argues that replacing public benfits with a UBI will increase poverty.
Tackling inequality. This International Monetary Fund (IMF) report makes the case for reducing inequality but also argues that it is better to expand social safety nets in countries that have functioning safety nets.  IMF gives a cautious welcome to UBI.  This is a Forbes article that reports on this study.
12 year study looks at effects of universal basic income . This article discuses a future study that will be done to examine the effects of a UBI on poverty reduction in Kenya
Universal Basic Income: The Answer to Automation? This provides a general overview of UBI and also addresses the costs
What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages.  The results reveal a rich mosaic of potential shifts in occupations in the years ahead, with important implications for workforce skills and wages. Our key finding is that while there may be enough work to maintain full employment to 2030 under most scenarios, the transitions will be very challenging—matching or even exceeding the scale of shifts out of agriculture and manufacturing we have seen in the past.
The feminist case for universal basic income. This article argues that a UBI will benefit womand and make them more secure.
In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State. This book argues that the welfare state should be replaced with a UBI. “It is less a philosophical treatise than a nuts-and-bolts blueprint, with detailed financial analysis, that specifies how a universal basic income could be implemented in the United States and what would be its positive social effects. At the time, the little attention it received came chiefly from people on the left who were already interested in the topic. But the idea gained steam in the following decade, and Murray revised the book, releasing a new edition in 2016 that updated the numbers. His plan: Give everybody over age 21 $13,000 a year. Compel them to use $3,000 of it on catastrophic health insurance. The payment starts to be taxed when annual income hits $30,000. The recipient decides how to spend the rest.”
Stop Working, Universal Basic Income is ready to Go Mainstream.This article contends that UBI is needed to offset massive unemployment due to automation and that promoting the discourse of UBI will lead to its adoption.
Elon Musk Makes the Case (Again) for Universal Basic Income. This article contends that UBI is needed to replace job losses due to automation.
Universal Basic Income Could Grow the U.S. Economy by an Extra 12.5%.  The article title speaks for itself
Why we’ll need a universal basic income. This brief article by Robert Reich argues that automation means we need a UBI.
Basic Income: A Guide for the Open-Minded. The title is self-explanatory.
Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream. The title is self-explanatory.
Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few
Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World
Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, in their accelerationist manifesto, Inventing the Future, write that “the real significance of UBI lies in the way it overturns the asymmetry of power that currently exists between labour and capital.” Its establishment would allow workers to have “the option to choose whether to take a job or not.… A UBI therefore unbinds the coercive aspects of wage labour, partially decommodifies labour, and thus transforms the political relationship between labour and capital.”
The Case Against a Basic Income. This article argues that a UBI props-up the capitalist system and that it would either be too small to solve or so large that it would gut all other needed government programs.
The false promise of universal basic income. This is a long and verbose article, but it makes a few key arguments
*Universal basic income would only be provided to citizens, using it to cement an “America First” agenda and exclude many in need
*It would prop up/legitimize a capitalist system
*Financing it would be done on the backs of working people who are taxed
Also, the article does note that it was endorse by Black Lives Matter as a reparation.
Against universal basic income. This article contends that a UBI will reduce work incentives and that work is essential to improving the quality of life.
Poor No More: Rethinking Dependency and the War on Poverty.  This book argues that we need to encourage work to reduce poverty.