Should PATRIOT missile defense systems be transferred to Poland?

Russia is losing terribly on the ground in Ukraine.  The one advantage the Russins have had is a large number of missiles that they could launch from Russia, Crimea, Belarus or the Black Sea.  Ukraine can’t strike back at the launch sites without escalating the conflict, as that would involve strikes in Russia’s territory and the US and NATO have told Ukraine they can not use donated weapons to strike into foreign territory.

With winter approaching, Russia has led a massive campaign of missile strikes at Ukrainian infrastructure hitting power plants, dams, water systems and even hospitals. 

Ukraine has been constantly asking for help with “closing the skies” since the beginning of the war. In addition to being denied the transfer of western aircraft,  they have been denied many of the best defense systems that could help protect them

The missile strike in Poland

Poland borders Ukraine to its west.

On November 15th, a missile struck the Polish village of Przewodow near the border with Ukraine.  The missile landing occurred when Russia had launched a large number of missiles and drones at Ukrainian cities and infrastructure targets.  Two people died.

Initially, it was not clear who fired the missile that landed in Poland.  

This is extremely dangerous, as, under Article V,  member of NATO the alliance is committed to defending the territory of its members. If this occurred the war would spread to many nations and the risk of use of nuclear weapons would certainly rise.

However, most western nations agree that a Ukrainian air defense missile (made by Russia), launched to counter incoming missile or drone strikes, missed its target and landed in Poland, a member of NATO.  

This led NATO countries to meet and Germany has offered to transfer PATRIOT missile systems  to Poland to help protect itself.

The system covers an area of around 68 kilometers (42 miles), according to the German military. Its radar can track up to 50 targets, and engage five of them at once. Depending on the version in use, the interceptor missiles can reach an altitude of more than two kilometers and hit targets up to 160 kilometers away.

Each unit requires about 90 troops to operate, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a US think tank.

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These are US developed systems. Should the US permit the transfer to Poland?


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*They are committed to NATO defense and must be used only on NATO territory 

*Putting them in Poland is better than Ukraine – avoiding NATO’s direct involvement

*Patriot missile defense will protect innocent civilians in Poland

*The United States has already provided some Patriot  defense systems to Ukraine

*Poland is asking for more Patriot Missile defense systems

*Ukraine’s membership will make Eastern and Central European countries feel more secure

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This article makes arguments for why they should go to Poland – including that they can’t go to Ukraine because German troops would have to go with them – possibly involving NATO directly in the conflict.

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*Poland does not object to Ukraines current strategy

*Poland thinks they should be given directly to Ukraine!

*Mistakes happen with all weapons systems – we don’t need to escalate the conflict

*Patriot missiles systems from Germany  will cause  political division in Poland

*Patriot missile systems would be more effective in Ukraine

*Russia is rapidly depleting its missile supplies the risk will decrease

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