Should retired US military officials be allowed to work for Saudi Arabia?


The United States has over 70 years of history being Saudi Arabia’s strategic partner.  There have been a set of circumstances that have driven this cooperation.  Access to energy, markets for american arms manufacturers, fighting terrorism and for projecting power against China and Russia.  Over the years our interdependence has grown despite cultural differences, specifically on human rights.

The Saudis are dependent on the United States not just for purchasing weapons but also training, maintenance and parts to use these weapons.

In light of human rights violations domestically and its war in Yemen we must ask if it is right to support this military.


15 retired US General or Admirals have worked for Saudi Arabia since 2016

Hundreds of former military members work as contractors for Saudi Arabia


*The Saudi Military is dependent on ex US service members creating leverage for US

*The Saudi Military produces large amount of the world’s oil – this helps protect that

*Ex military working for the Saudi’s gives the US access to information

*It is important to fight the war of terrorism

*Saudi Arabia’s human rights policy is evolving

The Saudi’s get military help and the US gets better ties

Oil, defenese and fighting terrorism make this relationship vital to the US

Why Saudi Arm sales are a strategic necessity

Why Saudi Arm sales are a strategic necessity

Arm sales build leverage

Progress is being made on womens’ rights


*This is an effort to buy influence with the US – we want to stop foreign influence

*There are cases ongoing about failures in disclosure rules

*The armed forces of the US are trying to keep this secret

*Yemen justifies an end to US military support to Saudi Arabia

*Human rights violations justify ending the practice

*We should withdraw these workers until Saudi Arabia reduces oil prices

Saudi Arabia is spending big to buy influence

The State Department of the United States is trying to keep this secret

Saudi Arabia is using the US to further its brutal war in Yemen

President Biden has backtracked – and supports continued ties with Saudi Arabia

Saidi leader Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) was behind the murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khasoogi.