Should the US commitment to NATO be reduced?

Updated: August 15, 2019
Trump should have already left NATO (2019)
It’s high time for Germany to fund and fix its military (2019). If present trends continue, Germany will remain far below NATO’s 2 percent defense spending benchmark in 2024, despite a decade of promises by German governments to meet this alliance objective. The little Germany has been willing to spend is simply unsustainable, and neither the Trump administration nor any future U.S. administration should accept this state of affairs as the cost of doing business. Settling for the status quo is not fair to the U.S. taxpayer, fair to the alliance as a whole, or wise from the standpoint of Germany’s own national security. Berlin should be prepared to keep Germans safe regardless of conditions in Washington.
NATO Has a Future (2019)
2 percent defense spending for NATO is a flawed idea
US does not bear 70% of  the burden