Staying on top of the Korea Debate

Although the news from Korea changes frequently, there are ten critical places to go regularly to keep up with the Korea debate.
1.Google News Korea Nearly every day I check the most recent Google news on Korea by doing a Google search simply of “Korea,” and then sorting by date.  This is a quick way to get all of the recent news.
2. National Interest The “National Interest” is a quarterly publication of a think thank that generally supports the US acting in its national interest/a less global agenda, but it also has daily articles on global security issues with many different points of view. These articles are published by leading scholars in their fields, making it a great place to find not only recent evidence, but also highly qualified evidence.
3. Asia Times Korea The Asia Times is a leading paper in East Asia that often has more detailed articles on security issues. If you click on this link, you will find the most recent articles from the newspaper on Korea.
4. Foreign Policy Korea is a leading periodical on foreign policy and security issues. This link takes you to the most recent articles on Korea.
5. The Diplomat The Diplomat is a daily publication that has articles on East Asian security. You can get 5 free articles a month, with the rest requiring a paid subscription.
6. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Senate Foreign Relations committee holds a number of hearings, and with the situation in Korea deteriorating, it is not hard to find recent hearings.
7. 38 North.  38 North is a blog by experts that covers Korean security issues.
8. Korea Times. It is easy to find daily updates in this paper from Korea.
9. US Korea Institute. This doesn’t always have daily updates, but it is a good place to check from time to time for recent updates.