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(Con): China Economy Answers

Turn – BRI will undermine China’s economy. Expansion just increases overstretch risks Cavanna, July 2019, https://tnsr.org/2019/07/unlocking-the-gates-of-eurasia-chinas-belt-and-road-initiative-and-its-implications-for-u-s-grand-strategy/, Thomas P. Cavanna is a visiting assistant professor at

BRI Con: Renewable Energy Answers

No BRI without European participation — China needs the EU’s money to expand and complete the project Horia Curtin, 2017, A PIVOT TO EUROPE: CHINA’S

(Con): China Soft Power Good Answers

China’s soft power isn’t attractive Herr, April 2019, Richard Herr OAM is the academic director of the parliamentary law, practice and procedure course in the