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Job Guarantee Economy Advantage (AFF)

High levels of unemployment triggering a recession. Employment levels are the best measure of economic strength Barone, 10-18, 20, Robert Barone, Ph.D. is a Georgetown

Nuclear Weapons Daily Update

Failure to disarm undermines the NPT Pressenza International Press Agency, March 13, 2020, The Virus of Nuclear Proliferation, https://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/12/virus-nuclear-proliferation In an avalanche of reporting we

Standardized Admissions Tests Daily Update

Standardized tests biased against minorities and discourage application to top universities Beth Hawkins, August 19, 2019, https://laschoolreport.com/big-promises-big-data-is-the-sats-new-environmental-context-score-a-tool-to-personalize-college-admissions-or-another-impersonal-data-point/, Big promises, big data: Is the SAT’s new