The First LD Affs — What to Prepare for related to November-December

Affirmative cases

Aid supports state agency and self-interest

Aid supports freedom/Kant

Education/Women’s Education


Cyber Security –

Thus the plan: Wealthy nations will provide cyber security capacity building development assistance to other nations, Muller 15’
Lilly Pijnenburg Muller is a Junior Research Fellow in the security and defence group at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Her research focus is on cybersecurity and cyber capacity building, global governance and public private relationships. She holds a MA in politics from the University of Glasgow. Muller, Lilly Pijnenburg. “Cyber Security Capacity Building in Developing Countries.” (2015).,

Aid reduces dependence, solves harms of colonialism

US-China electrification Coop

Thus the plan text – Resolved: the United States federal government should diplomatically and economically engage with the People’s Republic of China in substantially increasing electrification projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Electrification, coop on Korea advantages, poverty/aids advantages

Precedent/binding obligation aff
Cooperate with China to develop Afghanistan infrastructure

Public health/housing

Resolved: Wealthy nations ought to provide development assistance to other nations via subsidizing renewable energy.



Cap K


Development PIC

Dependency Bad

Whole res – must defend all nations give development assistance —

South should give development assistance counerplan —

Devbt Cancellation counterplan —

Nationalized cyber security is bad

Death Good

Black Nihilism

Hunger Games