(Bib & Evidence) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization should substantially increase its defense commitments to the Baltic states.


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US security cooperation with the Baltic states (2021). This article outlines the security assistance the US currently provides to the Baltic states.

The reset of US-European relations and the Baltic states (2021). This article argues strong US-European relations are important to the credibility of European security commitments to the Baltics. It also generally discusses those endeavors.

US allocates $169 million in security assistance to Baltic states (2021). This article discusses US assistance through the Baltic Security Initiative.

US troops in Poland reassure Baltic states (2020). This article explains that US troops in Poland function as a “tripwire” to deter Russian aggression in the Baltics.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Background and US-Baltic Relations (2020). This Congressional Research Service report describes the extensive support that both the US and NATO provide for Baltic state security.


Baltic states agree to strengthen defense ties with an eye on Russia (2021). This article argues the three Baltic countries are cooperating on security and hope to integrate with NATO.


How the Belarus crisis will impact Balkan security (2021). This article explains how NATO created a multinational force to protect Balkan security and the balancing role Belarus has tried to play in the crisis.


Ukraine in the balance, again (2021). This article contends that Russia is planning to attack the Ukraine. If you can find evidence that increasing security commitments to the Baltics (the Ukraine is not considered one of them) then this could turn into a Pro conttention.

ProShould Increase Defense Commitments

NATO Summit 2021: Reinforcing Collective Defense in the Baltics (2021). This June 2021 article outlines some specific military measures that should be taken.

Russia’s strategic interests and actions in the Baltic region (2021). This report outlines Russian threat in detail and is one of the few articles I’ve seen that argues for increasing security commitments.

Baltic countries want a larger NATO commitment (2016). This article explicitly argues for a greater defense “commitment” from NATO and the US.

Baltic security strategy report (2019). This free online book (184) pages offers a comprehensive look at the security situation in the Baltics and makes some suggestions for increasing security commitments/cooperation

US must remain committed to NATO and the Baltic states (2021). The article vaguely argues for increasing US defense commitments to the Baltics.

Deterring Russsian aggression in the Baltic states through resilience (2019). This report analyzes the Russian threat to the Baltics and suggests some specific actions the US and NATO could take.

Constructing Deterrence in the Baltic states (2021). This article makes a general case for increasing security commitments to the Baltics.

The long pursuit of US troops in the region will pay off (2021). This article discusses the pros and cons of permanently placing US troops in the Baltics to defend them.

Can Poland save the Baltics from Russia? (2021). This article argues for beefing up military presence in Poland to deter an attack on the Balkins.

Strengthening the Defense of NATO’s eastern frontier (2019). This argues that there is a viable theory of victory for Russian forces through attacks via the Baltic states. It also argues for some general US force enhancements.

Russian threats to Baltic security (2016). This article makes some general reccomendations for enhancing commitments.

Reinforcing deterrence on NATO’s eastern flank (2016). This article makes a general case for increasing NATO’s defense of the Baltics.

Pro– Russian Baltic Threat

Fortress Kaliningrad: Russia’s Baltic Fleet Now Has a Mechanized Division (2021)

How the Russian Air Force would pummel the Baltic states (2021)


How real is the Russian threat to the Baltics? (2021)


Why the Baltic States Are Where Nuclear War Is Most Likely To Begin (2016)


Nuclear sharing for the Baltic states

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