The Soft Skills That Matter Most For Millennials In The Workplace — Forbes

Kate Hayes @ Forbes, September 5, 2017

Soft skills are having a moment. There are countless articles, conferences, and trainings touting the importance of soft skills for success in the workplace. We no longer live in a world where technical skills are the most important factor for success in most jobs. Instead, soft skills—often defined as personal attributes required to work well with others—are at the forefront.

While we know soft skills are a critical factor for success, more time is spent on identifying them, instead of improving them. While it can seem like you either have them or you don’t, the truth is that soft skills can be learned and improved. The prerequisites: an intense desire to change and the humility to fumble while practicing. Below are tangible ways to get better at six important soft skills, which are paired to emphasize their complementary nature….

Debate and Discuss: Whether with colleagues, friends, or family, set up a monthly debate circle. Choose a magazine article, a book, or even your favorite Netflix show, and select people to debate different sides of an issue that is presented. While this might feel like high school debate team all over again, it will increase your ability to think critically about an issue, and practice discussing topics in a safe way.