UBI Argument List

Pro Blocks
Answers to: 
UBI makes people lazy/discourages work 
 — Reducing work hurts the economy
UBI undermines individualism/self-reliance

UBI causes inflation

UBI too expensive 

UBI causes cuts in military spending 
UBI causes increased taxes, taxes bad
— UBI means a Value Added Tax (VAT), that’s bad
— UBI means carbon tax, that’s bad

UBI undermines Social Security 
UBI not feasible
UBI not enough to help people 
UBI shouldn’t be for everyone/universal
Pilot programs prove UBI fails
Welfare critical for the poor
Welfare critical for the disabled 
UBI causes capital flight
UBI causes overpopulation Allison
UBI sustains capitalism, capitalism bad
UBI causes increased taxes on the poor (
UBI Hurts Immigrants, global poverty
Capital flight
Libertarianism/Property Rights
In order for a UBI to pass it would have to get conservative support, conservatives will gut programs for the poor as a compromise
A2 Alternatives 
 — EITC expansion
— Guaranteed Income

Con Bocks

Answers to:
 Automation will kill jobs

Welfare caps discourage work
Welfare caps create bureaucracy
Welfare doesn’t work
Welfare paternalistic
Right to choose
UBI encourages entrepreneurship
UBI stimulates to solve to respond to a coming economic downturn
Stops worker abuse
Increases low wages
Helps rural economies/flyover cities
Helps the disabled
Helps the environment
Improves health (regular and mental)
UBI reduces crime
Inequality Allison

Reparations Good
Helps minorities
Helps women
Welfare cause stigma
Welfare reduces savings
Welfare diecourageS 2 parent families