Using Anthropic’s Claude File Upload to Answer Questions about your Debate Topic and Anthropic’s Claude 2 both allow you to upload files and then enter prompts to pull information from the files.

This is frequently used to summarize files, but I think it also a useful way to help debaters learn more about the topics and their files.

In both instances, you have to create an account on the services to do that, so make sure you are allowed to create an account and to get a parent’s permission if needed. Both services are free at the moment, though only allows 3 file uploads per day on the free account. has a 10MB file limit, which is around 300,000 words if you do not have any images in the file. You MUST upload it as a PDF.

Claude’s original maximum file upload was 100,000 tokens, which approximately 75,000 words, but at least on my free account, they have now changed this to to 10MB, which is around 300,000 words.

Anyhow, I made two files that contain what I believe is accurate content related to the topic of military presence in the Arctic for our subscribers. The first is a PDF that you can upload into The second is a Word document.

To the best of my knowledge, no research has been done on the hallucination rates of queries made directly on a file, but since the query is based only on the file data, it should be low to close to non-existent. I did run 50 queries on the file I uploaded to and it did not hallucinate.

This is not something that should take the place of reading about your topic. But, we are well aware that students are pressed for time and may need some basic Q&A assistance may be helpful when working on the topic (we are also aware that you do not do all of your assigned readings).

This is only for the purpose of increasing understanding. Students should not cite this output as evidence in debate or for a research paper. I do hope you can use it to help strengthen the understanding of your topic so that your debating will be even better!