What have speech & debate alum accomplished in August 2017?

Sanket Bulsara was appointed as a federal judge in Brooklyn.

John Warden published, “Want to avoid nuclear war? Reject mutual vulnerability with North Korea.”

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross published a number of articles,  including  Save the Terrorism prevention toolkit,

Adam Symonds added a free novice lecture series as part of the Arizona Debate Institute.

Mike Davis was recently named Executive Advisor to the President of James Madison University.

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In Memory

Chuck Ballingall, Damien High School

Merwyn Hayes, Wake Forest, from Alan Louden

This is to announce that Merwyn Hayes (79) passed away Monday. Merwyn was an important figure in the life of Wake Forest Debate Team and in the larger Debate Community. Most of you did not know Merwyn but the lovely trophy case that many of you have seen graces the Carswell Hall Lobby is dedicated to Dr. Hayes and his contributions. Merwyn served as Dir of Debate 1967-1972 and Directed the NDT for several years.