Will Putin use tactical nuclear weapons in the Ukraine?


Russia has a range of nuclear weapons in its arsenal.  This would be a dramatic escalation of the war and result in possible world war or a larger nuclear war.  We must take their weapons seriously.  Many people think Russia losing in Ukraine might result in Putin using nuclear weapons – not only to stop the losses on the battlefield but also to solidify power at home from his base “The Nationalists”  Things are not going well on the battlefield for Russia

Stopping the war is complicated. Ukraine vows not to stop until the 2014 borders are secured.  Russia has already claimed annexation of many of these parts of Ukraine.  This type of loss may spur Putin to use tactical nuclear weapons.


A great breakdown of what tactical nuclear weapons are, how many Russia has and the risks of use

President Biden recently said the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine is the most dangerous thing since the cuban missile crisis in Ukraine

Russian nationalism and Ukraine

Daily battlefield updates and specific weapons reports – Ukraine


* Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons in an attempt to escalate before they negotiate

* Putin will use if necessary in order to preserve his rule at home in Russia

* Putin has already annexed 4 regions – including two that have been under Russian control since 2014

* Russia can not win or achieve a stalemate on the battlefield using conventional; weapons

*Russian nationalists, mercenaries (The Wagner Group) and regional leaders in Chechnya are all pushing for the use of nuclear weapons if necessary

* Russia has several types of tactical nuclear weapons that they could employ

Examination of how the United States has used Nuclear weapons demonstrates the risk

Putin’s threatening the use of nuclear weapons

Russia has a policy of “Escalating to Descelate”.How they would use their tactical nuclear weapons in response to Ukraine

Russia’s nuclear policy states they can be used to protect the country or threats to it – and he’s making warnings


*Using tactical nuclear weapons would actually undermine domestic support for Putin

*There are no suitable concentration of troops for Russia to Target with a tactical nuclear weapon

*Using tactical nuclear weapons will harm Russian soldiers physically and mentally

*The threat of NATO retaliation deters the use of tactical nuclear weapons inUkraine.

Russia unlikely to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Experts say he has not moved tactical weapons to the battlefield – they think we are a step away


NATO retaliation will be devastating if tactical nuclear weapons are used