NCFL 2024 Congress Legislation

Session One

P01 – 2024 Bill to Support Sudan in Migrating Their Internal Displacement Crisis

P02 – 2024 Bill to Require Businesses to Accept Cash

P03 – 2024 Bill to Raise the Minimum Wage to Reduce Poverty EVIDENCE (Backfile)

P04 – 2024 Amendment to Require Physical and Mental Health Examinations for Candidates for Federal Office

Session Two

P05 – 2024 Bill to Enhance Aid to Latin America and The Northern Triangle

P06 – 2024 Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the United States to Establish Congressional Term Limits EVIDENCE

P07 – 2024 Bill to Provide Free Lunches to All Students EVIDENCE (Aff Backfile)

P08 – 2024 Bill to Cool Our Solar Panels

Session Three

P09 – 2024 Bill to Uphold the Right to Repair Consumer Electronics

P10 – 2024 Bill to Combat the Drug Crisis to Lower Drug Smuggling in America

P11 – 2024 BBill to Abolish the Draft

P12 – 2024 Bill to Provide Funding to Electric Trains to Better Our Public Transit System


A Bill to Restrict AI Technologies in Health Care

A Bill to Implement National High Speed Rail EVIDENCE

A Resolution to Support the Necklace of Diamonds Strategy

A Bill to Increase the Number of Green Card Holders EVIDENCE (NEGATIVE)

A Bill to End Unpaid Internships


A Bill to Amend the Constitution to Codify the Chevron Doctrine

A Bill to Promote a Free Trade Agreement with the African Union

A Bill to Prohibit Discrimination Against Cancer Patients When Allocating Treatment

A Bill to Pivot US Energy to Solar Power

A Bill to Address Ocean Acidification