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UBI Update

  Essay   AI will cause massive unemployment Armand Ruiz, IBM, 6-4-24 John Loeffler, 6-3, 24, Tech Radar, I watched Nvidia’s Computex 2024 keynote and

AI Patents Aff

Currently, artificial intelligences (AIs) are not able to file for or hold patents on their own inventions and discoveries. While the innovations created by AIs

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A.I. Daily

Brain-Computer Interfaces will connect us to machines to augment our intelligence Kurzweil, June 2024, Ray Kurzweil is a renowned inventor, futurist, and author who has

Artificial intelligence

Debate Andrew Yang to Learn About UBI

Debates over universal basic income (UBI) are a core part of this year’s policy debate topic. They will also likely emerge as counterplan debates if