Congress Legislation: NSDA National Tournament

Preliminary Round Legislation for All Debate

Links to evidence

The links below contain links to essays on the pros and cons of the bills/resolutions and we as links to internet resources

  1. A Bill Requiring Employers to Provide Employees with Paid Parental Leave
  2. A Bill to Abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to Prevent Domestic Human Rights Violations
  3. A Bill to Admit Guam as the 51st U.S. State
  4. A Bill to Aid the Central American Northern Triangle  (Note: Same as NCFL Bill)
  5. A Bill to Authorize and Incentivize Syringe Service Programs
  6. A Bill to Ban Homeowner Associations
  7. A Bill to Ban Medical Patents
  8. A Bill to Cap the Cost of College Attendance to Make Higher Education Affordable
  9. A Bill to Encourage Sustainable Business Practices
  10. A Bill to End the Syrian Drug Trade
  11. A Bill to Incorporate AI into the Military
  12. A Bill to Invest in Nuclear Energy
  13. A Bill to Protect Student Literacy
  14. A Bill to Standardize Primary Dates to Ensure Election Equity
  15. A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Establish Supreme Court Term Limits

House Quarterfinal / Senate Semifinal Round Legislation

  1. A Bill to Ensure Sufficient Nurse Staffing
  2. A Bill to Establish and Fund a Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program to Empower America’s Youth
  3. A Bill to Establish Rent Control Nationwide
  4. A Bill to Invest in the Security of the U.S. Electric Grid
  5. A Bill to Require Background Checks to Purchase Firearms
  6. A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Change the Requirements for Presidential Candidacy
  7. A Resolution to End United States Support for the Saudi-Led Military Intervention in Yemen
  8. A Resolution to Impose Sanctions on Countries Utilizing Forced Labor in Supply Chains

House Semifinal Round Legislation

  1. A Bill to Implement a National Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Program
  2. A Bill to Invest in Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to Reduce Carbon Emissions
  3. A Bill to Nationalize Starlink
  4. A Bill to Protect State-Built Border Defenses from Federal Removal
  5. A Bill to Reduce SRO Presence in Schools
  6. A Bill to Regain the Sovereignty of the United States by Withdrawing from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  7. The Healthcare Expansion and Rural Telemedicine (HEART) Act
  8. The National Railroad Support Act of 2024
    (Note: Almost the same as NCFL Bill on High Speed Rail)

Senate Final Round Legislation

  1. A Bill to Augment the Diversity Visa Program to Promote National Interests
  2. A Bill to Implement a Carbon Tax
  3. A Bill to Implement Medicare For All
  4. A Bill to Set a Maximum on the Caseload for Public Defenders
  5. A Resolution to Increase U.S. Support for West African Nations

House Final Round Legislation

  1. A Bill to Abolish Gifted and Talented Programs to Embolden Opportunities for Equal Education
  2. A Bill to Dissolve The Space Force
  3. A Bill to Enhance Rare Earth Element Collaboration with Namibia
  4. A Bill to Establish a Universal Basic Income Program to Provide All Citizens with Monthly Payments
  5. A Resolution to Free Puerto Rico from Colonial Rule