Policy Debate Novice Textbook With IPR Examples

These files support the novice textbook.


Introduction to Debate
Introduction to Argumentation

Novice IPR Topic Essay

The Basic Structure of Policy Debate

The Basic Structure of Policy Debate

The Speeches

The First Affirmative Constructive (1AC)

The First Negative Constructive (1NC)
Topicality 1NC
Disadvantages 1NC
 Counterplans 1NC
Kritiks 1NC
Case Attacks 1NC

The Second Affirmative Constructive (2AC)
Answering Topicality
Answering Disadvantages
Answering Kritiks
Answering Counterplans

The Negative Block (2NC/1NR)\ \
Extending Topicality
Extending Disadvantages
Extending Counterplans
Extending Kritiks

The First Affirmative Rebuttal (1AR)

The Second Negative Rebuttal (2NR)

Other Core Components

Prep Time


Intermediate / Beyond Core Novice Skills

Other Forms of Topicality Arguments

Extending a Disadvantage/Using a Disadvantage to Win a Debate
Straight-turning disadvantages

Kicking a Disadvantage

Deciding When to Run a Counterplan
Counterplan Theory

Types of Counterplans

Debating Kritiks in the 1AR
Kritiks as Affirmative Arguments and Framework
Performance Kritiks


Policy Debate Vocabulary